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Cinemarg is a an organization committed to the promotion of cinema, heritage and education in Dehradun. We organize workshops, educational courses, art residencies, film festivals and music concerts bringing a wide range of talent from all over India and the world to the people of Dehradun and Uttarakhand.

Currently, we hold film screenings and film appreciation courses. Last year we held the first Mountain Film Festival 2023 at the Doon Library and Research Centre, and soon we plan to hold many music concerts and music appreciation courses at various locations in Uttarakhand.

You can meet our team at every last Sunday of the month around 4 pm when we hold the regular film screenings.

Some of the people involved in Cinemarg:

Biju Negi
A writer, researcher and the founding member of Beej Bachao Andolan.

Shashwati Talukdar

Nicholas Hoffland
Music educator and collector

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We recently organized the Mountain Film Festival 2023 in Dehradun. Watch out for next edition of this fest.